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Lion Tattoos

Lion-Tattoos.com is a website for everyone who likes lion tattoos and would like to look for examples of leo tattoos. On this website we prepared a great gallery of lion tattoo designs in order to help you in choosing your new tattoo. If you find some picture or design that you like, fell free to print it and show it to your tattoo artist in order get the exact tattoo you want. Here you have a great choice when choosing your new tattoo so be sure to take a look at as more examples as possible in oreder not to regret later. You can search through our gallery where you can find lion tattoos placed on different parts of the body, like back, arm, finger etc.etc. and tattoos for both men and women. If you would like to know more about us and our website, the goals we have and the reason for starting this whole project, you can visit the about us page, and if you have any suggestions or want to see a photo of your lion tattoo published on our website, fell free to contact us and fill the contact form! The lion tattoos have always been interesting among tattoo fans, since the first tattoos ever made. We all know that there are always new and new trends in all aspects of our lives and in this industry as well, but there are some tattoos that are never old fashion and the lion tattoos are one of them. The symbolism of this tattoo is something that makes many people like it, many people associate it with things like power and strength. Although these tattoos are more often chosen by men, it should be mentioned that there are many women with lion tattoos and that these tattoos look very good on woman’s body too. By listing our gallery you will see different designs of lion tattoos, so fell free to choose your new tattoo from the examples bellow.

Lion Tattoo Designs | Leo Tattoos


Lion head tattoo        3D Lion Tattoo            Leo Tattoo With Decorative Design Lion Tattoo For Girls

Open Mouth Tattooed Lion     Dream Lion Tattoo In The Sky        Lion And a Clock TattooBlack Lion Animal Tattoo Classic And Simple Lion Tattoo From Lion-Tattoos.com The Biggest Base of Lion Tattoos OnlineBlue And Red Lion Tattoo       Scary Lion Tattoo      Black Back Leo Tattoo From lion-tattoos.com
Tribal Lion Tattoo      lion letters tattoo


Leo tattoo designAfrican Lion Cool Tattoo Flag Girl Leo Tattoo of a lionHeart-of-a-Lion back tattoo for girls