Lion Tattoo Meaning

lion tattoos meaning

The meaning and symbolism of your own lion tattoo is something that is always good to know. It is not difficult to imagine and we all know that the lions are considered as scary and dangerous animals and they are usually related to ideas such as courage, strength and power. There is a meaning for every tattoo, and you definitely should know what’s the meaning of your own. That’s why, we invite you to review the characteristics and the things that are hidden behind the lion tattoo meaning.

The meaning of the lion in the collective imagination

Throughout history, the Lions have been part of the mythological legends and folklore from different parts of Africa, Middle East, India and even some sectors of the Mediterranean as well as being present in many works of oriental art, especially in Japanese and Chinese. In ancient times, lions were seen as the ultimate expression of authority in nature “King of Kings” and therefore, according to different civilizations the meaning of the lion was related and was used as a symbol that represented the upper class and royalty. No animal may be regarded as supreme as this, the king of the jungle , that of a roaring able to stop and to put warning to all animals that are around. The king of all beasts appeared in numerous images of ancient Egypt as a symbol of power, is not news that the Egyptians enslaved small groups for various purposes, one of the symbols that evoked during the conquests was to enslave the Lions , that they said gave them a higher power, strengthening their reigns and authority. On the other hand, also had an important role in early Christianity and at a time, Jesus was represented by a lion, later, the lion came to represent San Marcos.

The lion tattoo meaning today

leo tattoo meaningThe lion tattoo meaning today symbolizes the same ideals which the lions symbolized in the past. They were common symbol of two groups of people: the upper class and the fiercest warriors. From that times the lions became a perfect symbol of strength, power and courage, as well as symbol of domination and leadership. Also, the lions are often related with other things like wildness and courage. It is used as a symbol of leadership in other areas as well, such as in the zodiac, where the the sign of Leo is considered to be a sign of people with a lot of confidence, passion, loyalty and people who are generous. The facts about lions suggest some good qualities and here is a list of the meanings and symbolism of a lion:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Passion
  • Courage
  • Wildness
  • Loyalty


We should also mention that even some tattoo supply companies have their own lists of tattoo meanings but however these are some of the most general and basic meanings. There are also different lion tattoo designs and different lion tattoo meanings. Some lion tattoos may have a different meaning then the others. In fact, some of the lion tattoo designs may include the “Leo tattoo” (from the horoscope sign of Leo), lion’s head tattoo, lioness tattoo,Lion King tattoo (from the cartoon “Lion King”, Japanese lion tattoo and few other. Here we are going to give you an explanation about the meanings and symbolism of each of them.

Leo Tattoos

Leo Lion Tattoo MeaningsThe Leo tattoo is always considered as a tattoo of only one group of people, guess who – the people whose horoscope sign is Leo. However, it may not always be the case because there are people who tattooed a Leo because of some other person in their life, someone they love like their girlfriends or children. The meaning and the characteristics that represent the horoscope sign Leo are widely known, especially for the those people whose horoscope sign is the Leo. It is a great tattoo which reveals to the people around you and people you meet your horoscope sign and character, it may be combined with the date when you are born. character, it may be combined with the date when you are born.

Lion Head Tattoo

Lion Head Tattoo MeaningThe lion head tattoo probably is the most common lion tattoo design. Many people associate it with things like survival and protection. Most of the lion head tattoos are placed on the shoulder, chest and back. The meaning of this tattoo may represent the protection a man has for his family but however there could be also other personal meanings related with the tattoo. However, it is a fact that the lion head tattoo represents the general lion tattoo characteristics that we mentioned and is a classic examples of a good lion tattoo design.

Lioness Tattoo

Lioness tattoo meaning and symbolismThe lioness tattoo is more of a tattoo for women then a tattoo for men. The lioness tattoo has really great and deep meaning. First of all it is a symbol of femininity, although the lioness are strong animal and can hunt, their role was always more related with keeping the children safe and taking care of them. However this tattoo is often chosen by ambitious women with strong personalities who would like to give a impression of  independence and caring for the loved ones. It is one of the best tattoos for women.


Lion Tattoo Sleeve

lion tattoo sleeveLion tattoo sleeve is one of the very unique lion tattoo designs and is very rare. In fact it’s meaning and symbolism is related with the meaning of the sleeve tattoos and in the same time with the lion tattoos. It’s is combination of both, a sing of fashion and trend and in the same time a sign of strength and power. This is one of the tattoos that are more popular among men and a tattoo that cost a lot, so having a good tattoo insurance is always a good idea when thinking about choosing this tattoo.