Lion Tatoos
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First of all, warm welcome to and let us thank you for visiting our website and for your interest about us. Here, on this page, we are going to try to give you more information about this website, like what the website is all about, how you can use it and what it allows you to do, as well as give you a picture of who we are and why we do what we do. The internet has become a place where every single one of us is looking for information on different subjects and more and more people are choosing their new tattoos from the internet. The days when the people were going to the closest tattoo company in order to look for examples of tattoos are behind us.

What is 2.0? is a website for everyone who likes tattoos, especially for the people who like lion tattoos. On this website you could find lots of pictures and photos of people who already have a lion tattoo, so if you are planning to choose a lion tattoo for yourself, then this website is the right place for you. By searching through our galleries you could find many cool pictures and photos of these tattoos, and in that way you could choose the tattoo that you like for yourself. If you find a picture of lion tattoo that you like on our website, feel free to print it and show it to the company where you are planning to get your new tattoo, in that way you will also help the tattoo artist and in the same time you will have the tattoo which you chose and like the most.

All the leo tattoos on our website are from real people who already had this tattoo and are not pictures of lion tattoo designs only. In this way we thought that would bring these tattoos closer to our visitors so you can see how they look like in the real world and not only on a piece of paper. The lion tattoos used to be popular thorough the whole history of tattooing, since the prehistoric times when the first body art similar to tattooing appeared. The leo tattoos in that time were one of the most used in this body art, of course with the other animal tattoos too. Also in that time popular were the face tattoos, in the medias you could see that this trend became popular in the 21 century, again. However when we talk about leo tattoos we could say that there are many more different leo tattoos like the tribal lion, the lion head tattoos and much more. In the next paragraph we are going to give you more information about this websites and the reasons for starting this whole project.

The reason for starting this website and this whole project was the lack of information available on this subject on the internet. We knew that there are many people who likes lion tattoos and would like to have a single web space where they could find the best pictures and photos of lion tattoos. We decided to contribute into making the internet more informative place by building a website that will be the biggest base of lion tattoos available on the internet. By collecting lots of pictures of these tattoos and publishing them in one single place we hope that we will demand the wishes of our visitors. Also, if you would like to see your picture of lion tattoo among the ones already published, fell free to contact us and send it, you can use the contact form for any other suggestions as well. So, we hope that you will enjoy the time spent on our website, we wish you a pleasant stay here! team! 😉